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Dyconn Faucet Apollo LED Wall Mounted Backlit Vanity Bathroom Mirror with Touch On/Off (24" W X 32" H)

Dyconn Faucet Apollo LED Wall Mounted Backlit Vanity Bathroom Mirror with Touch On/Off (24" W X 32" H)

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Gold leaf was historically used to clothe prestigious decor spanning all the way back to ancient Egypt. In that time, the pharaohs' tombs were lined with gold leaf because many associated gold as a color for the gods. Grace your living space with the Apollo mirror and bring an homage of historic royalty to your home. The Apollo mirror warms up your living space with its soft, golden glow. We use LED lighting on our mirrors to help you conserve electricity. Our unobtrusive touch button allows for the mirror to retain its seamless design. Simply tap the touch button to turn the backlight on or off. Touch and hold the button to dim the lighting, making it perfect for any space, and for any given ambiance. The Dyconn Faucet Apollo mirror series is a wall mounted mirror with a lot of character. With a single touch, the mirror will turn ON/OFF, providing 3000K LED lighting temperature. Touching and holding on the sensor will activate the mirrors dimming functionality to meet anyones lighting preference. This LED Mirror has a black metal frame with gold foil within the back of the mirror. This mirror also contains a 3rd Generation Eco-Friendly Silver and will provide 35% more clarity over the conventional mirrors. This mirror is meant to be hard wired, but can be installed onto a wall switch, as long as the wall switch is not a switch/dimmer combo.

  • 3rd Generation Eco-friendly Silver Mirror, Copper Free, Anti-Rust
  • 3000K Light Temperature
  • 5mm Thick Mirror, 35% more clarity over the conventional mirrors
  • On Mirror Touch Switch On/OFF & Dimmer
  • 14K Gold Foil with Black Metal Frame

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